A Yachting Renaissance

History and the local area

ARCADIA YACHTS lies in places brimming with love for hospitality and culture. Most importantly, Pompeii, where the ancient Roman nobles had their summer residences and from where the Emperors set sail for their villas on Capri. Stylish taste and the delight of enjoying time together still live on today in ARCADIA, which continues telling the timeless love story for the sea.


With ARCADIA YACHTS, sailing revolves around man, who rediscovers a more natural harmony with the sea, constantly unveiling new horizons in eternal awe. The yachts’ large spaces and the windows create living environments where you can immerse yourself in nature, which is exalted and protected by technology. Sailing rediscovers its most distinguished aspect, breaking away from the past to steer towards the Yachting Renaissance.

From philosophy to technology