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From ancient Pompei to the Maritime Republic of Amalfi, from the Neapolitan Renaissance to the city’s traditional cuisine: ARCADIA YACHTS was founded in a place brimming with culture and style, where the people cherish beauty and the joy of conviviality.

ARCADIA YACHTS identifies with the values of a culture thousands of years old, that has made its mark on history, art and architecture. All of this still lives on today in our yachts, which continue telling a timeless love story for the sea.

“When there’s an idea, you’re halfway through the journey”

— Ugo Pellegrino

Launch of the first Arcadia 85, destination Düsseldorf

Yachting Renaissance

With ARCADIA YACHTS, navigation revolves around man, who rediscovers a more natural harmony with the sea, constantly unveiling new horizons in eternal awe. The yachts’ large spaces and the windows create living environments where you can immerse yourself in nature, which is exalted and protected by technology. Sailing rediscovers its most distinguished aspect, veering away from the past to steer towards the Yachting Renaissance.

In classical literature, Arcadia was an idyllic land where people lived in perfect harmony with Nature.
This harmony experiences a Renaissance in our cutting-edge yachts.