Where the wonder takes shape

Welcome to a shipyard-boutique where passion is at the foundation of every project. We are in a location known for its hospitality and kissed by the sun, overlooking the sea of Sorrento and Capri: how could we not bring our homeland on board our yachts? During construction, our focus is on the yacht owner, his personal style and his vision of sailing.

Engineering technologies and solutions advance hand in hand with the craftsmanship of our expert shipbuilders and our capacity to listen to the owner.

"Every sailor has a dream. Making it come true is up to us"

Wood, steel, fibreglass: simple materials that expert hands transform into extraordinary yachts, with a minimalist style but brimming with the excellence of Italian design.
The yacht owner can surround himself with whatever he wants, choosing from among the lights and colours that best represent him and his lifestyle.

"A constant ebb and flow of inside and out, sophisticated materials and details"