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The force
of lightness

The A115-06 is the boat currently taking shape in the ARCADIA shipyard—a new dream under construction. A project that revolutionises the boat’s interiors and reworks its lines, while preserving all the solutions that have determined the success of the A115.

Interior Design in collaboration with Hot Lab

“Lightness of structure and shape”

The characteristic elements of the exteriors have been designed to enhance the on-board experience. The interiors of the boat flow seamlessly, bringing the outside in and vice versa.

Aftdeck or terrace on the sea ?

Upper Salon

“The style and use made of the spaces is guided by their design”

Thanks to the perfect balance of atmosphere, loose furnishings and technical systems, life on board is an unforgettable journey. We have come up with a unique style for each room that enhances its every detail and function.

The sweep of windows obvious from a distance also makes life on board enjoyable.

“A yacht that is an object of design and comfort”

Being on board is like being in a 7-star hotel, thanks to perfectly integrated style, furnishing accessories and systems.

Main Salon

Bar corner


“Copying the external lines inside”

The arch is a distinguishing features of the A range, used for stairs and lobby. Passageways made memorable by maximum attention.

“PRIVATE OR COMMERCIAL? The owner is free to decide”

A115-06 is designed and built to meet Commercial use requirements too.

Master cabin

Master bathroom

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